Establishment of the company: ..............2000


Ganz Holding Company Limited – ...........100 %

Registered capital: ............................HUF 350 m


  • Ganz Industrial Park Limited can be found in Zalaegerszeg, in the centre of the “Eastern Industrial Area”, some hundred meters from the junction of the main roads No. 74 and 76.
  • The area of the industrial park is 10 hectares and it is equipped with buildings of 25.000 square meters, the majority of which is currently being used for industrial purposes.
  • The area has excellent infrastructure and can be flexibly adapted to the needs of our potential partners.

Sphere of activity:

Buildings and parts of buildings suitable for offices, storage and industrial activities, to be made available (rented) including the following facilities:

  • setting up the required infrastructure
  • guarding of the area
  • telephone and fax lines, e-mail, Internet access
  • conference room, organization of meetings
  • provision of medical services
  • central parking lot
  • cleaning, waste-collection
  • changing rooms and shower-facilities
  • organization and coordination of logistic services
  • maintenance, day and night duty
  • warehousing, material handling
  • consultancy in legal and insurance-related issues
  • assistance in the preparation of small-enterpreneurial bids, etc.

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