Holiday resort of the company

The management of the company lays great stress to encourage the attachment of the employees to the group, underlining only the most important points:
- possibility to have a share of property
- voluntary pension fund support (4 %)
- company’s holiday resort,
- etc.

In 2007 the complete renovation, reconstruction of the old, considerably damaged holiday resort was started, situated on the shore of lake Balaton. By this action the management of the company provides resting and recreation facilities for the employees of the company and their family members.

Earlier the holiday resort consisted of a brick building and a wooden building, and it operated as the children’s holiday resort of Ganz-MÁVAG, consisting of independent rooms as well as shared bathrooms and lavatories.

The earlier brick building was converted into 4 apartments on two floors. The air-conditioned apartments are equipped with high standard furnishings. Comfortable rooms and completely equipped kitchen await the employees wishing to take a rest. By the spring of 2009 the renovation of this building was completed and during summer the employees and their family members could already use it.

The earlier wooden building was pulled down and a new brick building was built in its place in 2009, on one side of which 4 smaller, and on the other side 4 larger 2-level apartments were built. The construction works were finished by the end of 2009, however this building could be used for holiday purposes only from the summer of 2010.

The two buildings can accommodate 12 families at the same time, i.e. approximately 40-42 persons may enjoy the comfortable surroundings, recreational facilities in weekly shifts or they may also be used for further educational or training purposes of the employees of the company.

The management of the company hopes that the employees will really enjoy the facilities provided by the new holiday resort.

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