Establishment of the joint-venture:

It was more than 40 years ago that Ganz delivered the first hydraulic turbines to India, to Mohora and Ganderbal Power Stations, which had been followed by the supply of further 30 turbines until today. Ganz delivered to India the hydraulic turbine of the greatest unit capacity ever manufactured by Ganz, the 6-jet Pelton turbine which was delivered to Shanan hydro-power station in 1974. India is considered by Ganz of strategic importance regarding the future. During the past decades Ganz had its own commercial office in Delhi. Many experts of Ganz took part at the site erections and also a number of Indian experts came to Ganz to be trained for the operational tasks. We have established a joint-venture with the Indian Technip Impex Pvt. Ltd. under the name Technip Ganz Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. in order to increase our chances for business and our competitiveness by the involvement of local manufacturers. The joint-venture had been registered in New Delhi on 17 May 1993.



Ganz Holding Company Limited - ........50 %

Technip Impex Pvt. Ltd. - ................50%

Registered capital: .......................1 million Indian Rupees


Sphere of activity:

  • trade
  • engineering
  • marketing



409 Chiranjeev Tower

43, Nehru Place,

New Delhi - 110019

Tel. : (91 11) 41608335/6/7/8

Fax :  (91 11) 41611810

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